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    Hearing a ping at full throttle on 97 1100 STX

    I think I might be hearing a ping when I hit the throttle after spinning the Ski. I find that when I spin the ski at about 27 mph, the ski tends to get dug into the water and I hit the throttle to dig out- heading the other direction now- I think I hear a ping. It could be something else on the ski vibrating, I guess, but not really sure.

    Here's what I've got:

    - still oil injected
    - ADA zxi billet head
    - Prok flame arrestors
    - using 91 octane

    Any thoughts?

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    My first thought is Detonation. Get a flex light, remove the spark plugs, and check the piston tops. Should be dark carbon black, with "witness" marks at the intake ports from the incoming fuel/air mix. Research "piston wash" and you'll find pictures posted in any two cycle forum on this subject. If you find gray and little craters, you have been experiencing detonation.

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    Eureka! No detonation... just a reverse bucket

    OK- I figured out what the pinging sound is. When I hit the turn, spin the ski and then pull out of the water, the reverse bucket is causing the reverse bucket lever to bounce up and down on it's pivot point. This causes the fast pinging sound and goes away after a second or two. Annoying... but probably harmless. At least... I hope so.

    Thanks for the help, though!

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