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Thread: Foot wells

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    Foot wells

    I am looking for ideas for locking your feet in whlie racing GPR

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    Unless you're looking for a spiral fracture of your shin bone, I'd forget this idea. My buddy had this happen to him when he fell off his ski when his foot stuck in the well.

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    I have this on my ski and yes you have to be aware of the dangers of them. But if you are racing they are a must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullboogie View Post
    Unless you're looking for a spiral fracture of your shin bone, I'd forget this idea. My buddy had this happen to him when he fell off his ski when his foot stuck in the well.
    one of my buddys broke his leg the same way, so imo its a no go

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    hydroturf makes a product called side lifter wedges. if you race runabouts they are the ticket..

    local parts unlimited dealer :


    • Extra-thick blocks of Hydro-Turf™ foam help provide secure footing in rough conditions
    • Measure 2.5" W x 24" L
    • Come in black
    • Sold in pairs


    Part # Descri

    TS44-B $30.95

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    I run the wedges, actually double stacked then they reduce in thickness as you go towards the rear of the tray.

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    Standup guys use footholds and footstraps all the time. I have footholds on my SXR. The are great in the surf, but i have no idea about racing GPR's. The foot straps are from windsurfers and while i have not used them myself alot of standup guys love them. I wouldn't put them on my XLT but thats a lot bigger craft. check out
    you could also build up the padding under the hydroturf and custom make your own wedges, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

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    Lots of good advice here from these folks, and yet its for different reasons.

    I also know of many folks that have leg injuries from side lifter wedges... and for good reason. If one side comes off, and you flip off the ski sideways, if the foot doesn't release, then you will break, twist, or possibly cause a very serious life threatning injury to your leg. Lots of blood and stuff go thru them chicken-legs.

    On the other hand, if installed in such a way as to release your foot, when the other foot comes loose, and you go into a sideways cartwheel, then the danger goes way down and the effectiveness of them can be retained.

    Tons of racers use them. This doesn't make it okay for you!!! These guys are top notch riders, and have accepted the risk of such things. They are travelling around corners at very high G-forces, and are using every ounce of energy in both upper and lower body to keep in control.

    Use at your own risk. Can you do your job with a broken leg, come Monday morning??

    The value of such a dangerous mod become apparent, when you find yourself sailing over a monster wave, without them, and the only thing keeping you attached to that ski, is your hands... and the crushing landing you will take when gravity makes everything one with the world again. I HATE riding watercraft without them now. I feel entirely out of control, and flopping around on the seat, or my feet, like a monkey hanging from the bars at breaktime.

    I use them, and do not recommend them because of the inherent safety issues. I also attach them with a ton of hydroturf mat to prevent them from breaking loose at the wrong time. I find that I am a faster, safer rider, and maintain control better than riding without them.

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