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Thread: 1997 slt 780

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    1997 slt 780

    purchased a property and this unit came along with the deal. previous owner says it worked ok last year.

    i opened the hatch and noticed the bottom of the hull had about an inch of oil

    is it common for the oil tank to spring a leak or are there other culprit areas to check?

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    I have noticed my SLT 780(96) will leak oil from the oil tank cap itself-especially if it is put in a bow high position on the trailer. I have tried to seal it better but it still seems to do it. Make sure there is no leak from the tank itself.

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    unit sits on a lift with the bow raised slightly above the stern

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    many people will over flow the oil resevoir when adding oil and let it over flow and drip/pour down to the hull.

    you have to clean it all up and make sure there is no more leak and or find out where its coming from before you proceed to run the motor any more.

    follow the oil line from the oil tank and make sure it is corredctly connected to the oil pump.

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    I'd check the oil hoses closely. They may have dried and cracked.

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    overfilling the oil tank will do this, ive seen some models dripping oil from the vent/check valve when overfilled and left in the heat and the heat will expand the tank and flow out of the valve even though it shoud'nt.

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    Click here for the Service Manuals, and lots of other useful info.

    There are some things that are important to attend to on your 12 year old Fuji engined Polaris. You need to take care of them before they cause engine damage.

    The nature of any PWC 2-stroke engine is that it can appear to be running just fine, when in reality it is rapidly approaching engine failure. The solution is to take the time to check and maintain things, so it continues to be reliable.

    Replace all the old fuel and oil lines, and the filters. Those original hoses are twelve years old, and are overdue for replacement.

    The carburetors should be removed, dis-assembled, cleaned and rebuilt. The number one cause of engine damage is probably carbs that have become dirty or gummed up internally. No fuel system additive will do the job - the carbs must be opened and cleaned.

    Not all that hard to do, and there is plenty of info and support here to help you do it. There are also services that you can send the carbs to, and they will be returned, ready to re-install.

    Put a decent battery in. A weak or marginal battery can strand you on the water, or cause a mysterious engine-cranks-but-won't-start condition. Best battery type is factory sealed AGM, such as Deka ETX16LM or Odyssey PC625.

    The Service Manual outlines a bunch of other items. Basically, go over it from end to end, make sure it really is in good condition.

    Check cylinder compression using the method in the service manual, and record the numbers.

    Check every bolt, nut, hose and clamp, fitting, etc. Lubricate everything that moves, with the appropriate lubricant.

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