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    OK guys, Help me out...

    Ok, so the group that I ride with has a guy that just recently came in on the forums and wanted to know how to drop his articat sled engine in his blaster. We let him know of all the problems he would be running into. Well, he went over the idea of dropping the 800 engine in it. I was telling him if you would want an idea, There are people that drop 1200's in them but you would lose quickness over a modified 700. Some of the guys and me got into an argument about the HP rating that be pushed out compared to the 1200 Non-pv engine and the 701 engine. I was talking to him about how RIVA made 99GP1200R's ans what the singles pipes were pushing out and what more you could get from them. Here is what one of the guys said....

    "175 out of a 1200 with a single is honestly pretty weak i got a pump gas bullet proof 700 twin that puts down 182 with dyno sheets for proof on a single pipe power to weight ratio would go down the ****ter with that 3 banger and plus triples have no torque compared to a twin my .02"

    Can a 701 single pipe made to run on pump gas put out that much power?

    I can't see it being done. Thats over 100HP with mods and still run on pump gas. I find it to be BS.

    Mikey, you know quite a bit of the blaster and 701's, what do you think about it?

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    Dont know snomobiles but his data sounds ok to me.
    Lets see who knows for sure.

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    a twin can put out that hp.. with the down side ..its loosing powerband tourqe.. its a give and take.. geometry will tell you 3 power pulses around a circle is more efficient and will rev up sooner with the same load..

    (question?? does a 2 stroke use the same 'hp vs.trq' 5400rpm trade of point as a 4 stroke?)

    since we are restricted/limited to the efficiency of the pump, ask your friend where this engine is generating its power?..
    his dyno graf sheet will tell the tale..
    restrict that twin to 8000 rpm and see where it gets you..
    In a sno-mo bet he's running 14000 rpm or more..

    in a ski the twin is lighter yes so it will float higher in the water in the same hull.. you can build a 0 to 40 killer fast twin, but you have to build the pump differently to let that twin rev to its powerband... as its a lot narrower than a tripples band..
    (would love to hear a 14000 rpm twin.. must sound like a pissed off hornets nest)

    lowell can shine a big light on this one ..LOWELL?
    (if this were a CONVERSION SKI SENARIO you know WATERWOODY would be all over it)

    all my .02...

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    184 pump gas engine will put that power down in a 2 cylinder....PERIOD. TJ's PV engines running race fuel are close to making that ...that guy is full of shit. There was the guy who was building that 12mm stroker 1000cc that may may ...make that power but your talking 8k or more engines. I would call his bluff!!!


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    Thats what I thought.

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    Tuff to compare a sled engine to a PWC engine. They really are two different animals in the way they are set up and the way they make power.

    175hp with a 1200cc and single pipe sled engine? Yep, can be done, has been done.

    500hp triple cyl. sled engines are around. Thing is they have a turbo on them.

    My brother is the sled head, not me. The things he has done leaves me wishing I could do the same to my PWC engines.

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