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Thread: no acceleration

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    no acceleration

    1995 seadooxp seadoo starts, idles fine, but when you put it on the water it'll run for three to five minutes then seems to bog and will not respond to the throttle will idle but barely then for no reason will straighten back up please help summers on the way

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    Sounds like a fuel problem. You may have trash in your carb that when its idling the gas can pass thru but when you give it gas the trash gets sucked into the fuel passages and the engine starves for fuel until you let off the gas and the trash flows back where it was. We went 4 wheeler riding this past weekend and a friends bike was doing the same thing. So they took off the air filter and covered the air intake throat his hand and gave it gas and it pulled the trash thru the carb and it ran fine afterwards. I'm not sure how the ski is set up so that you could do this or not but you may have to pull the carb or at least the bowl on it to remove any trash. I don't know if you let gas sit in it without stabilizer but if you did let it sit without stabilizer the gas may have gone bad. It doesn't take very long for this to happen. I put stabil in everything I own (motorcycle, boat, 4 wheelers, lawn mower, weed eater, blower and pressure washer) it's worth the little extra money!

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    +1 clean the carbs( fuel screens), change your fuel lines, clean the external fuel filter, and clean the fuel selector valve

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    thanks 4 the insight, w'ell give it a try

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    I had what sounds like a very similar problem at the end of the season last year. I got a new rectifier, rebuilt the carbs and fuel lines and the boat runs really good now.

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