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    Angry Exaust Manifold Bolts - How the ___ do you get them out?

    I am installing waveeater clips on my 98 GP800 and to do so I need to remove my exaust manifold. I attempted to remove the second joint up from the exaust manifold and only one came out. The others were just stretching and were going to brake if I put more pressure. I added heat but no luck? I than tried the actual exaust manifold bolts with the same results. Please help? Is there any other way to get the covers of the PV without removing the manifold? I am anticipating the bad news cause it sure looks like the manifold needs to come off.


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    I will never forget the feeling I had trying to remove mine the first time.

    Heat is the best you can do. As soon as you think its going to break for sure it will come loose.

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    hm... the 1300 you don't have to take the manifold off for the waveeaters. haven't ever seen an 800 though.

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