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    951 will not start run with out exhaust?

    I have a 98 xpl with the 951 motor. new crank pistons and rebuilt carbs. it will only pop and back fire. I thought I had the wrong mag cup but that was not it. I checked mag cup timing and the book says to line a bump with the hole in the flywheel. it was and I will put it back that way. I can see on the flywheel where the mag was set differently at one time by the marks left from the big holes. I will replace the stator pic up I have a spare. Can I run this with out the exhaust hooked up. just enough to see if it will start. it is a pain to connect and disconnect the exhaust.

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    You can start it with the pipe off. Just watch where you stand and I would not run it more than a few seconds (I have before, and it was interesting).

    I am not sure on the '98, but on the '99+ mag cups there is a single long magnet. The end of it (right above the big hole) is supposed to line up with the hole in the flywheel.

    The small magnets do not (and you should have two small ones if it is a '98 mag, I think, my '99 has three small magnets).

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    98 was the first year they put the 951 in. it has a different mag cup. two long bumps. it only used one coil.

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    You know it better than I.

    Just don't get a face full when you crank that sucker sans pipe.

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    this is one of those problems that bugs the hell out of you. I did read another post with the same problem and it turned out to be the pick up coil. I am going to try a different cover with coil and stator. we will see

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    Check for a cracked reed too. This will give you the same symptoms.

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    Check to see if you have a sheared flywheel key. It won't allow the mag cup to spin around the stator. Or ignition timing is off. My 01 had the mag cup put in wrong and it would not start at all or attempt to. Just backfire.

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    it was the wrong flywheel. I had to rotate the mag cup to get it to run. hulk member eel let me know how to fix it. I set it up put it together and with half the exhaust on it I got it to fire. these are much easier to work on than the yamis.

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    it still will not run. checked the reeds and they are ok. I have a used flywheel cup from a 98 on the way. we will see.

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