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    Skat Trac/Rad 4 Drive shaft seal install

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    how do you install this skat seal?
    The install is very simple. It's actually a pretty quick job. Trick to pulling the driveshaft is as follows for an RXP:

    1. Take off the engine cowling.
    2. Leave the pump on.
    3. Get on your knees on the back of the ski, reach down and pull back on the entire carbon seal assembly, this will reveal the c-clip. Pull back on part 34 in the attached image to reveal part 35.
    4. While you're holding the assembly back, have a friend take off the c-clip (#35 in the attached picture). Once it's off you can release the carbon seal assembly and let the accordion boot expand out again.
    5. Remove the pump.
    6. Slide the driveshaft out. If you're careful you may be able to keep the bearing in the rubber boot on the PTO housing in place. If not, no big deal just pick up a clamp and reinstall the bearing later.
    7. Remove the accordian boot/carbon seal assembly from boat.
    8. Put the Skat seal on. See pics in this thread. The c-clip and hat are not reinstalled for this.
    9. Slide the driveshaft back in.Make sure the little black rubber stopper is on the end of the shaft.Also put a little lube on the driveshaft before sliding back in. If the bearing in part 6 came out put it back on the driveshaft as it enters the hull. If this is the case get it back into the rubber boot and clamp it in. Make sure the driveshaft splines line up and it's in all the way.
    10. Reinstall the pump.
    11. Grease the bearing and go ride.
    I think that's everything. Hope this helps.
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    One thing I forgot to add is that you may want to remove the supercharger. It just freed up some space to allow me to install the seal and tighten the clamps. You don't have to remove the SC though.
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    thanks dude, great info!

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