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    Made my first parts order...

    Just ordered riva power filter kit, intake manifold upgrade and FF flow exhaust. Also got the wicked seat cover on its way and pre ordered my Rd grate. Hopefully shipping to canada doesnt take to much longer. I always wait extra because i live on a small island to.

    I plan on going C3, power and XS type 20 by summer. Along with all the other needed goodies. Have people been running the small type 20 with a C3 wheel? How much of a pain was the install? Ive seen that the type 19 isnt much fun, hoping the smaller IC will be easier.

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    Welcome to the dark side.

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    Congrats man. When I found out what a pain it is to get the intake off to do the RIVA manifold upgrade I desided to just upgrade my intercooler while I was at it. Didn't want to mess with pulling everything back apart later on again.

    I don't think the type 20 will be any less painfull than the type 19. I'd say if you're going to tackle it just go for the bigger one and get er done. You will make more HP with it.

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    South Seatle Power sports is a great source for stock yammi parts, like oil filters, and yammi accesories.

    Defender is a reasonable source for general marine items.

    I have had good luck with prices on spark plugs from O'reilly Auto Parts. I got FXHO plugs for $3.39 each, and SHO plugs ( LFR6A ) for $7.99 each. The SHO plugs were special order., so I am gonna keep my own supply until they become more common.

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    Thanks for your order Doug. Check your email.


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