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Thread: Tire question.

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    Tire question.

    If a trailer has the real short, fat tires on it. Is it possible to swap those out for the standard taller, skinny tires?

    Or am I stuck with the short fat tires?


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    You can switch them out.
    You maybe have to move your fenders up some, but it will work.

    It will also raise the whole trailer up, remember that.

    I am trying to go the other way, from 5.30x12 to a shorter, fatter tire. Maybe a 20.5x8x10 or something along those lines. Seeing what I can find out there before I decide.

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    Why are you trying to go to a shorter tire?

    I have never run a short tire but thinking of buying a ski that is on a trailer with short tires.. I would think the taller tire would be a better tire for highway use, etc?

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    You might find this tire size vs. trailer height info to be useful.

    When changing tire sizes, be sure the replacement tires have enough weight load rating to at least match the trailer's own maximum weight.

    Take the GAWR (total maximum allowed weight of trailer including load), divide by two, and each new ST tire should have a load rating equal or greater.

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