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    low compression on my 2001 ZXI 1100

    Hi, I just bought my first jet ski, I bought a 2001 ZXI. It starts right up when its cold and runs pretty good on the trailer w/ water hooked, idles strong doesnt stall. It smokes a bit, but I figure thats because it couldnt warm up the same way it does in the water. I bought it without water testing it of course. I ran a compression test on it, an its reading 78 on the first cyl, 80 on the 2nd an 80 on the third. Isnt this extremely low? I think the cylinders are supposed to be at 110-125. so my question is, should I start to think about a top end rebuild? Where should I start and how do I find out what size rebuild kit I should get 80, 80.5, 81.....? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Before you go to all that trouble (top end rebuild), I might suggest trying a different compression tester/gauge. It's possible that yours is messed up. Seems kinda odd that all three cylinders are low, and almost by the same exact amount.

    It would be a shame to do a rebuild that it didn't really need.

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    First off smoking with a 2 stroke engine is a very good thing!!I have never seen an engine with all three cylinders low within 2psi of each other,also do not run on water for too long its for back flushing the system and will not heat up properly .Also you should do your test by having a fully charged battery, remove all 3 spark plugs,install your compression gauge in then while holding throttle wide open check your readings again,remember pull all 3 spark plugs out and leave them out until testing finished, also open throttle fully.90 to 110 psi is usually what I get on my gauge,the most important than actual pressure is the difference of pressure between cylinders,also be careful not to fill your engine with water by using the hose,ALWAY remember1) first start engine ,2) open water,3)turn off water 4) stop engine ,always in that order.also after riding ,always start ski on trailer and rev it a few times to blow out water from exhaust!!!ps.also always start ski and run 10 seconds or so before putting it in water!You will not hurt anything only help it by starting it before putting in water ,and by blowing out water when you finish dont need hose to run compression test.just start your engine, rev it a few times,for ten to fifeteen seconds (no water hose) then pull all plugs and do compression test>note#some direct fuel injection models,have very little oil film left on cylinder walls,giving a lower reading,but once again they all should be same.You would have a problem if your compression was say 80-30-78 or 80-0-78anytime there is over 5% difference in psi you have a problem starting!!JMHO>Marvin hope this helps you HAVE A SAFE AND FUN SUMMER!!

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