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    Need Help Removing RXP OEM Intake Grate

    Having trouble removing my RXP OEM grate. I had no trouble removing the 3 back bolts and 1 front bolt...didn't have to use heat gun or impact wrench. But, even with the front bolt removed, the front of the grate is not loose at all. I tugged and tugged, but it won't move. The back dropped down, just struggling with the front of the grate...any thoughts???

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    Just yank it off!!

    Probobaly sealant still holding it on...

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    There must be a ton of's still being stubborn. It won't budge at all. I'm assuming it should pull straight down. I'll keep hanging on it...guess it'll eventually break loose

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    Finally...!!! I took a screwdriver and gently prime 'er loose. I sucked up 2 large stones and couldn't reach them without removing the grate. I think I lucked out though...don't see any major damage. 3 of the black plastic 'teeth' on the pump support broke off, but I think that's it.

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