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    RXT-X mods expectations?

    So i got my T-X last year and i put a 4" air filter on it and a R&D grate. Best i could get was 69.8mph. It seems after i took it on a ride a couple weeks ago, i'm getting a little bored of the power or the supercharger is wearing down and i don't know about it, even after the dealership said it was fine. I like that yanking on your arms feel, that torque and it doesn't feel like that anymore to me. My plans for the seadoo this year is intake manifold mod, fill rideplate holes, Solas 15/22r or R&D 14/24, Worx grate, and maybe a oil catch can. I would like to know what to expect out of each of these mods to have that torque and some fine top speed results. Can someone point me in the right direction and help me know what i'm buying before i buy it? Thanks

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    you wont get any arm wrenching results from those mods or top speed gains
    without adding boost + fuel you wont see big gains we recently put a b kit and riva ecu on a tx and ran 75 mph but needed to add a thermostat or go open cooling as it was pushing water out the cap. With stock setup its running 70.5 mph

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    I'm not saying i want it to instantly happen. I just want to know if these mods i plan to do will help the seadoo pull a little harder or at least feel like its pulling harder when i pin it from any speed and finish 1-3 mph faster

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