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    Sudden loss of power diagnosis?

    I have a primarily stock 1999 GP1200 which starts and runs great, up to a point. Usually once it's warmed up, and running at higher speeds it will just bogg down at random. Letting about half off the throttle will keep it on plane where it will run smoothly. After waiting about 30-45 seconds at half throttle, it will gladly wind back up. The cycle repeats (though it's sporadic). If I keep the throttle down the whole time, it'll just keep bogging itself down to a stop.

    If it makes a difference, it has an oil pump bypass and I am very careful with the mixture.

    Any ideas? I am not an expert, I changed out the external fuel filter - could it be an internal one? Perhaps a fuel pump?

    Any advice as to what direction I should be looking would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info, just let me know.

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    I would look at your fuell filters 1 external and 2 internal (go through the carbs)

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    First thing I would do is rule out cylinder issues, do a compression test to do this. Here is a thread with good instuctions

    If all the cylinders test fine I would look at the carbs, they probably could use a rebuild.

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