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    Water leak from stinger


    After running the ski around today I finally was able to find where I was getting the misting of water spraying inside my engine bay, there is a very very tiny hole in the stinger right at the bend above the carbs. Can this be fixed or do I need to replace?


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    Like where the stinger bolts up to another section of pipe, or like in the stinger it self. Both can be fixed. If it is a connection I would use new gaskets and copper spray. If it is an actual hole in the stinger just have it welded. A quick fix could be to use jb weld or something.

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    JB Weld for the win baby!

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    jb weld it is then..

    (the stinger itself, not where it attaches to the other parts of the exhaust)

    well.. atleast till it springs another leak....

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