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    Opinion of a 96 1100ZXI & a 97 1100 STX sport

    Hey, I am new here. A friend of mine says this a good site for pwc info. I am going to look at a 96 1100zxi with 110 hours and a 97 1100stx sport tourer with 108 hours. They look great and I will ride them Tuesday. The guy wants $4300.00 for the skis and a 2001 trailer. What do think about these skis and are they worth this price?

    Thanks RJ

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    I had a '96 1100 ZXi. It was a lot of fun.

    Make sure it has the big fiberglass bowl mod on the front of the hull. That was a mandatory recall. Without it, the 'ski could flip over on you at high speed on glassy water. Not fun!

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