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    I have lost my RPM

    I just purchased a new vessel this weekend i have had some trouble with my ski and for the life of me i cant work it out.

    Heres my specs:

    2004 RXP
    Piranaha Intercooler
    Some kind of wheel. I think its a early vortech.
    Mod waterbox
    Stock ecu
    Solas 14/19 4 blade untouched
    Riva Rear Intake

    Im getting a solid 7 psi of boost.

    Im currently running 70.3 MPH @ 7850. I cant seem to find where the rest of the rpm has gone. Oil level is fine. Prop is fine.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    Does a 14/19 out of the box turn 8100?

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    yeah mate checked all that.

    I have just thought that im running a riva rear intake but havent drilled any holes in the grab handle. Will try and run it with the seat of tomorrow and see if i gain any rpm.

    The one thing i dont get is if i put a riva ECU in it the rpms go up to 8300 and boost goes to 7.6 PSI.

    Thats a 400 RPM gain just by plugging it in??

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