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    Question FX SHO OR FZS?! - Advice Appreciated.

    Hi All,

    I need some advice. I would like to get a ski this summer and i've decided it must be a yammi as they are more reliable.

    At first I was also considering a 2008 GP1300R but I have reasoned out that once I am going to spend the $$$ I might aswell get a four stroke although they are on the heavy side and the skis themselves are quite large.

    The ski will be used in open sea and will be also be used in rough sea at times. For this reason I have eliminated the FZR and narrowed down to a 3 seater which will handle the waves better.

    That leaves me undecided between the FX SHO and the FZS.

    The specs are almost identical...the FZS has aTelescopic Steering collumn but the SHO has more height and still has an adjustable sterring collumn...

    Would like to hear feedback from riders who have tried either...


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    the hulls are different, you need to figure how what kind of handling you want from it. In general, i think fz series is supposed to give you GPR style handling, while the Fx might feel looser by comparison. However i have an 08 GPR and my friend as an SHO. Honestly the thing is a beast and corners hard, just feels taller than my gpr but it's a stable bike. Only think i can image is that maybe the fz's feel a little smaller?

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    The sho,s body towards the bow is higher than the fzs, maybe that's why its lighter and feels smaller..and less bulky. More inclined towards the fzs at the moment...thanks for you reply.

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    For off shore riding I would be leaning more towards the SHO. Handles AWESOME in rough water. Extremely stable.

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    all good advise, now go ride them both and the answer will come to you. goodluck you wont go wrong with what ever you choose

    the fz is more water proof in ocean going than the sho

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