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    Hydroturf lifter wedges

    has anyone got or run these on there CC rxp's? I know that I need lifters but am tossing up between making my own or buying the hydro ones. They look more professional than ones I would make. And even come with a 3m backing so they're like putting a sticker on. Any advice on how they should feel e.g how "tight" around your feet and general position. maybe some pics would be awesome. ocean racing at 75-80 mph gets very rough, so need to get some of these on my boat ASAP.


    on this page are the ones i'm looking at 2.5" x 24"

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    dont make your own hydroturf are real good
    i always double them up so you would need four and dont trust the 3m tape either drill them on or use a better adhesive because you dont want them coming off

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