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    New LTA air intakes for F-15X

    LTA's new air intake for the F-15X is now ready.

    The factory air intake is 2.5" diameter with a few areas that are reduced even smaller. There is a tight 90 degree bend just below the factory air flter. And then the factory air filter and hosing are pretty restrictive. The factory housing can only take in air on one side and the bottom of the hosing gets sqeezed down before connecting to the 2.5" tubing (see pic)

    Option 1: Alpha air filter. K&N filter, 2.5" opening with no restrictions. Includes a water resistant K&N filter wrap to help shed any water off the filter material during washing. Easy clamp on installation in the factory location. Retains factory crank case vent line.

    Option 2: Beta Air Intake System. Polished aluminum wide 45 degree radius bends with silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps and aluminum mounting bracket. Includes a K&N crank case air breather so the warm crank case fumes are not put back into the incoming air. Connects to the factory inake just in front of the hose connection for the WGS. Then is transitioned from 2.5" to 3" then to 3.5" with a large K&N cone filter with a 3.5" opening. Includes water resistant filter wrap. Raises the air filter location above the fuel tank for access to plenty of cool air.

    Can be enhanced even further by re-routing or removing the corrugated intake hoses in the front hull and the installation of the rear seat heat extractor.
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    What are the kits worth?
    Are they worth it?

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    The price for the F-15X air intake is $220.00 plus shipping. I don't know how to answer if it's worth it. I guess any mod is a matter of opinion if it's worth it. I think it's a good product for a fair price and it definately flows more air.

    Not sure what happened to the attached pictures.

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    We need pics!

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