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    Riva parts installation

    My new intake grate, free flow exhaust and power filter kit for my 07 rxt will be here tommorow so I got a jump start on the project and removed everything that is getting replaced. Getting that stock filter housing out was a pita. I hope getting the old out is harder than putting the riva in. Can anybody tell me?? Old exhaust and resonator came right out as did the stock grate. I even moved my regulator down to its new mounting area near the battery. Also, I tried to spin my supercharger with my finger and it was very tight and only moved a tiny tiny bit after I really put some muscle into it. Normal? It had its washers and such done last year. Ski really ran well a couple weeks ago when I last had it out. I decided to scrap my plans to trade in on a rxt-x and figured I would just start doing little projects like this. Impellar and pump wedge probably next spring.


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    you didnt have any trouble getting the old resonator out? i heard they were a bitch also.

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    The resonator did not want to come out untill i had removed the stock air intake hose that runs to the supercharger. After that it was one bolt and out it came. Now I have an rxt which has more room in that area. I would have to think the rxp, it would be a s.o.b to get out. I guess the free flow pipe will now just go between the waterbox and the rubber outlet hose that is still there.

    I had a concern over the filter kit tho...maybe someone can chime in. Riva says that they reccomend a different pitch impellar when using their kit. I guess because of the 150-200 rpm difference that would cause some skis to bounce off the rev limiter. My question is that my ski has never made it above 7850 rpm so even with another 200 rpms, I still wont be too high. Will I be ok with my stock impellar till next spring when I plan on doing that. Thanks


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    I put in my power filter kit along with my free flow exhaust. All I can say is what the efff. That was the hardest thing ive ever done. That power filter kit sucks. If I ever have to take it out, its gettin cut out. Kit took me 3 1/2 hrs plus another 15 for the exhaust. I spent an hour playin around tryin to figure out how to get kit in without unbolting manifold. No luck, it had to come off. Too late to start up. Ill do that tommorow night after doing intake grate. Dave

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    The power filter was hard to get on. It was a PITA to get the tube and bracket on. I put it in and pulled it out 3 times trying to get all to work. I just loose bolted everything until I clamped it on the supercharger and everything bent into place when I tightened it. It also wasn't very clear what two screws the bracket attaches too. There are three you can see and I guessed the wrong two the first time. I also couldn't figure out the angle of the bracket. All in all, the product seemed good quality, just bad directions.

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    I agree. The directions made it seem much easier than it really was. I lost one of the little screws that hold the tube to the aluminum bracket. I was trying to find the hole and clink...... down in the bilge it went. Ill see if i can prop the ski up and run some water down to wash it to the back. If not, ill just buy a new one. On the other hand....the free flow exhaust was easier than the directions said. I didnt need any windex. It popped right in perfectly.

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