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    MFD Compatibility Question

    I have a MFD from a 95 SL 750, part number 3280202 (made by Waterstrike). My question is will this MFD work on a 96 SLT 780?
    It looks to be the exact same thing. Both 8 pin plugs. But the inoperable MFD that came off the 96 SLT 780 was part number 3280252 (made by Zercom).
    I am new to the site/forum and would like to say thanks in advance for your advice on this post. I have already had many other questions answered by reading old threads. Thanks - Si Sexton

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    Yes it will all the 8 pins are interchangable
    did you check to make sure your fuse is good i the electrical box ???

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    The 3280202 MFD should work just fine in your 1996 SLT 780.

    If there is a difference (other than manufacturer), it would be with the Trim position indicator, and won't affect the other MFD functions.

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    sounds great! they are spitting images of one another, so i was assuming that they would be okay.
    i did check the fuse, but only visually, as i did not have my 12 volt tester on me at the time. the fuse did not appear to be blown in the middle portion but i know they can also break toward the not so visible ends. other than the fuse, are there any other common problems, like the wiring harness or anything else along the way to the MFD?

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    Usually it's just the fuse or a bad MFD. Sometimes the connector doesn't make contact too well. I have to slam the connector into the MFD a few times before it reads well.

    Otherwise, try the different MFD.

    Just make sure to use a 1/4 amp fuse or MFD may be damaged if a higher rating is used.

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