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    slx 780 acceleration

    my 780 seems to be sluggish out of the hole. It will hit around 6300 rpm from a dead stop and it seems like it will barely move. it is fine once it gets on plane but its just so slow taking off from a dead stop. what could be the problem?

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    Check the impeller and jet pump stator for damage. Also check the clearance from the blade outside edges to the wear ring. Should have less than 0.020" clearance.

    If the impeller and stator seem good, then remove the jet pump and check the drive shaft, coupler, and impeller splines.

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    Possible cavatation of the jet pump.

    Have you installed a ride plate or intake grate recently?

    I think your ski may not have been affected, but some of the older SL hulls didn't have a good factory seal and needed to be re-siliconed at the pump shoe.

    Also check the engine coupler for signs of slipping. You should have a black rubber mounted coupler on the 780.

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