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Thread: 720 vs 800

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    720 vs 800

    I was given a 95/96 xp project that was given up on. It came with everything but the engine and is currently set up for a 720. The upper and lower halfs have been split and I have both brains for a 720 or 800 and both mounting brackets. Currently the mounts are for the 720. Is there a big difference in performace between 720 and 800. Also does anybody know if the drive shafts are the same.

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    the last time i posted a question like this, i was told to go with an 800 because compared to a 720 an 800 is bullet proof

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    Actually, they are both fairly reliable engines. If you are looking to do some jumping I would want the 717 since you can roll the boat and it will start back up. I have seen a lot of 787s that were very tough to start if the boat had been rolled (and face it, you WILL roll an X-4 from time to time, it is a law of nature

    The 787 in that hull was a much better performer than the 717 powered unit.

    You will have a little work to do to get the mounting and such right as the two engines mount and route exhaust differently.

    Now, when you say the upper and lower halves are split do you mean engine cases, or the hull itself? If it is the hull then that could simplify things as far as the set up of the engine is concerned but I am not sure how you are going to get it back together as I have heard it is very difficult.

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    The hull has been split in 2. Would like to get it running with out spending more then $800-900. With out having an engine core where does one find an engine.

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    on this forum,, ebay, sometimes craigslist, but it might be a little tricky to find one for that price, when were u looking to have this project completed?

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    no real time frame. Just finished up doing my boats stringers and floor thought this would be the next project.

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