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    07 1300r how to install resistor

    Guys can you help with the solder of the exhaust temp resistor on top. In that casing is a white and black wire. Do i snip both wires? Use a resistor for each wire? And should i have to also to my water temp sensor also down below? i had tried everything to stop the beeps and hear that this the fix.. no efi... thanks

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    This has been gone over several times on this site. here's a link how a couple of us have done. 2.2k resistor and never look back. The search button will get most your questions answered. I ride LBI all summer, my inlaws are looking to by down there soon. See ya on the water

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    theres another way

    just insert the resitor into the connector and pressed it on, wont fall out and it works. (i did this as a temporary measure until my new sensor arrived).

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