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    general question on ride plate

    i see many discussions on upgrading the stock ride-plate to an after-market one. what is the main benefit of doing this? and can you simply change the ride-plate only. or when you make that change are there other mods/adjustments that must be made along with that job?
    thanks a lot!

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    Depending on what ski your asking about, an aftermarket ride plate can add better handling and faster planing (acceleration) of the ski along with more top speed in some water conditions.

    No other mods are necessary, but an intake grate can also boost performance and be done at the same time.

    Both are relativly cheap and can change the characteristics of the ski dramatically.

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    The older Polaris models such as SL's and SLT's seem to react better to an aftermarket ride plate and I would highly recommend the change. I added an R&D to my SL and it definitely rode better. Just got an Ocean Pro to try out on my SLT as I sold my SL.

    In many cases a longer ride plate will help as more of the boat can glide on the water. Some have fins etc to provide more control etc.

    Also be mindful of pump length. Some of the PWC's have extended pumps and you want to make sure you can match them up right. More importantly not put too long of a plate on a short pump. In many cases you can eye ball how much space you have. More intelligent folks will probably be able to add onto this comment.

    On the later skis such as the Virage and MSX the stock ride plates work great and only the most avid tweakers do something here. In my book best to leave those stock.

    Re: intake grates they can always be improved and the stock Polaris are pretty basic. Many people have an extra syle and interchange them based on riding conditions. For very smooth conditions the stock may be fine. I like the ones that extend the fins a bit to offer a bit more bite in the corners as I like to carve. Others like to top load and make sure the pump in loaded and that the craft 'sticks' more to the water in the rough stuff with a small sacrifice in top end. Definitely worth it on the rough days.

    Bottom line is read up on the different styles of grates and find one that fits your riding style and conditions. Get a spare to vary things up if you like.

    Remember to use silicone or I like to use the temporary weather seal caulk as it is easier to remove. You want to make a watertight seal and provide the smoothest surface you can on both the grate and ride plate should you change it.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Hoping someone can help make some suggestions or provide some opinions on an extended ride plate for my 95 SLT750.

    I have an extended pump, but it's not installed yet. I'd like to get an extended ride plate to go with the extended pump. Hoping to get either some additional top speed and/or better cornering.....both would be great. I typically ride in smooth water.

    So, my question is this: Would I notice much difference between something like an Ocean Pro vs. a stock SLTX ride plate?

    Anyone heard of Rend ride plates? Are they any good?

    Stock ride plates seem to be available for around $40. Aftermarkets seem to be available for around $60-100. I don't know enough about them to know if it's worth spending the extra $$$ on the aftermarket?

    Any advice? Anyone....anyone.....Buehler??

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    ride plate

    i believe the 95 slt uses the 2 seater ride plate,same as the slx's and sl' 96 or 97 polaris went with a different hull and the ride plate changed to the same as all 3 seaters run except the short i believe the 95 slt is just an extended 95 sl750

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    I myself have put the R&D ride plate and water intake on mine haven't rode it yet to see whats it feel like compared to stock yet.. I was now thinking of getting the Ocean pro plate and intake for the wifes but the ocean pro intake dosent even look like it funnels the water any better into the pump then the stock one does.. So which ride plate and intake to you guys prefer on a SL750 body style?? Cya Slick

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    Way2much, can you please post a pic of your ride plate? It can be left on the ski, just lay on your back and snap a pic.

    That way we can identify the one you need.

    Slick, what type of water do you normally ride?

    Most like to use a R&D intake with an OP "R" plate as a good all around performer.

    Smooth water, I'd use a SLX or OP "R" plate with the stock grate.

    Rougher water, I'd use the OP "R" plate and the R&D grate.

    Choppy water, I'd use the OP "O" plate and the R&D grate.

    That's for the 2 seat SL hull, and just my opinion.

    And you know what they say about opinions.......

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    Well Kev I think OP plate and stock intake should be fine for her ski thanks Kev.. Cya Slick

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    ...Rougher water,...

    Choppy water...
    What is the difference between rough water and choppy water?

    Some folks use the terms interchangeably

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    What I consider:

    Smooth water, flat to 1/2 ft.

    Rougher water, 1/2 to 2 ft waves

    Choppy water, 2 ft and larger Stuff that really makes a SL unhook

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