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    Dominator 3 for sale for ultra & stx-r

    Hey guys selling my ultra 150 so I took off the D 3 system.Comes with all instructions and pics.I took it straight off the ski as if it all in the same place. Comes with all new gaskets that are needed to install it on a ski.The only parts needed are 2nd water inlet off the pump.The stock heat sensor and the rubber sleave on the stock exhaust.I am asking 450.00 plus shipping. PM me If you have any intress or questions.I pics if you want them.I am going to post it on Ebay too. Ps I have a ADVENT INGNITION that fits a ultra 150 and STX-R. 400.00. plus shipping Thanks AZLawson

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    Hey Guys no takes on this I will take less make me an offer.This is a very nice modd to go faster on your Ultra 150`s.....Thanks AZLawson

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    Yea this mod has been discussed several times with no real data and only claims so hard to sell them. Plus most go for about $200 to $300 depending ....

    Shoot me some pics I have some parts on ebay im selling so when those are gone I might think about this, I have been wanting to test one for along time.

    Give me some pics of the complete pipe and all...that comes with it ...


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    Hey Bud.PM me your email and I will send you a copy of the full instructions and current pics I have. The guy gave me that I bought it from. His personal notes as well as the original installation instructions.This pipe is alot like skiworxs pipe system he picked it up after the guy went out of business and started doing these pipe systems.It worked real well for me.The price we can work on that but I dont want to give it away. AZLawson

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    Jonny5 you got email sent to you .Thankss AZLawson

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