Help: 2003 GTX SC 185HP RPM Loss and Top Speed Loss

RPM = 7350 - 7450
Top Speed GPS 55-56 MPH

This ski used to do 62.9 MPH out of the box. It would hit the rev limter at 7650 easy. It would go over to 7800 - 7900 or even 8100 on choppy days (over spooling).

The supercharger failed and it was rebuilt by Jerry. It only ran slow before and didnt have RPMs over 6,000.

I have changed the spark plugs, Jerry rebuilt the supercharger, changed the pump to aluminum, changed the wear ring, and put on a brand new OEM prop. I also changed the oil. I also shimmed up the OPAS. What is wrong? Last thing to do is a compression check. What compression should I see?

My PTO boot failed and oil leaked all over. The oil sensor went off and I ran it into shore for a few seconds. Did I damage anything? I took off the intake and the supercharger already. The flywheel and the supercharger wheel has oil on it. The dip stick has zero. The piston and sleeves, I cant really tell. Would a compression check let me know if the pistons and rings are still good?

The Start button has problems too as I have to press very hard to get it to start.

The old carbon ring was rubbed in 4mm to the starboard side by the shaft. I replaced the carbon ring and boot. I hope I can get away with the engine alignment as the tool is $150. I was also going to do the rad4 racing seal but the carbon ring seems to be the best for recreational purpose.

Other than that, I will start using auto parts mineral castro oil and prestone anti-freeze. Seadoo stuff too expensive.

Also adding a bilge to try to make this ski bullet proof. But it seems to fail. I bought it brand new and it has 64 hours.