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    Cool Polaris collapsing under load

    I am new here, have read alot and cant find any help for my problem.
    I have a 96 sl780 and it run great for 5 min and then it bogs down and will not move more than 5mph, found the exaust hose collapsing and will be changing that today , had it runing 50mph WOT two weeks ago, with no problems all day, what is going on?

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    Your exhaust hose is collapsing?

    I would think this would be caused by overheating and melting the rubber to the point of softening. Sounds like maybe you are not getting enough cooling water through the engine and into the exhaust.

    But if collapsed, it will make the ski shut down as too much back pressure will foul the combustion.

    or your hose is just bad. Should be able to find one from someone stripping one down

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    Thanks for the reply, I have a couple of 750's here and swaped the hose out and installed a waterbox, the other waterbox{muffler} had alot of oil buildup inside,
    the ski is not running hot from what i can tell. Also installed a new fuel shutoff valve and ran new lines,, hope this cures it ,looking to sell, but only if everything runs good..

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    Welcome to the Hulk fighter.

    The exhaust hose collapses from overheating the rubber.

    Chances are your filter/screen on the exhaust pipe at the top is clogged.

    Unscrew the top fitting that has the hose going into the middle of the pipe and clean the filter and orifice. It's only a 1mm hole, so it may be plugged.

    If the hose collapses, exhaust can't flow freely, so the engine chokes. That's why you could only do 5 MPH.

    Swap the hose, clean the filter, and enjoy the ride.

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    Thanks for the reply, I changed out the hose and still ran bad,, I will clean out the tube that you refered to today. I also ran a temp fuel line from the fuel pump to the tank and hope this cures the problem.

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    The exhaust hose collapses from old age. You don't necessarily ever have to overheat your machine for it to happen. They just need to be replaced sooner or later. The heat from normal use will eventually do in the hose. it's just a weak link.

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    Do check the cooling orifice on top of the exhaust pipe like mentioned above. Do NOT enlarge the hole just make sure it's not plugged.

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    Ok took it out again today, it ran fine for around 5 min, and then spit and sputter, notice water in hull splashing around,,all over the place, should i try and get the water out? I did not see any water leeks when i took it out this morning ,, this ski is pissing me off .I did clean out the hose fitting on the exaust .

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    Pull the hull out of the water, and drain the water out.

    How is the water getting into the hull?

    If you strap it to the trailer front and back, and back it into the water, you can run the engine with the seat off, and see where the water is coming in.

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    I put it back on the tralier and the water stayed the same,,started it up and made no differance,, still no signs of a leak

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