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Thread: Sunday 5-10

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    Sunday 5-10

    Put in at Halls Bayou and 2004, ran up halls as fars as we could go. Turned arouned ran down to halls lake, cut across choclate bay and ran up choclate bayou past the 35 bridge then made the run back. It was pretty cool running the bayous on the upper end, reel sharp corners. Not sure on total miles but we were on the water running hard for about 4.5-5 hours.

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    halls bayou

    thats a good ride man. i'm close to hall and chocolate bayou. you need to come ride bastrop, austin and flores bayou. it is about 10 miles past halls bayou, we need to hook up soon.

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    Ran down Bastrop last weekend from 2004 to the ICW over to the San banard back up to 2004 and back. Had one of the best hambugers at 2j's I think was the name of it. Home made buns and all.

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    I have never been up Bastrop. How far up from 2004 can you go?

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    bastrop bayou

    man you need to call me. if you put in at 2004 there is a trailer park if you go north, as soon as you pass this take a hard left. this is called flores bayou,it is deep 7-10 feet, windey, good ride, i have been 10 mile to the next bridge, you can go farther, but i have not yet, if is a great ride, call me sometime, 979-373-4040.graham

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