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    Where can I order a WSM piston from? help, rush...

    Going on a jetski trip this weekend...
    I need (1) WSM piston for my ski. oversized.

    and a gasket set...

    where can I order from online or number or name of place to call.

    I need somewhere thats going to have this stuff in stock.... Need by friday...

    Or I know SBT has there pistons in stock.... But... is it ok 2 use (2) WSM pistons and (1) WSM piston?


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    Could try calling Sharps Marine...They had them in stock for some engines last year. They're all over Ebay also.

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    This guy has lots of Polaris slugs. Just find out what size you need and contact him.

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    denniskirk is pretty fast. they carry wsm. wsm claims their pistons match oem weight, if this helps.

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