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    oil line pop-off solution

    hey guys. after doing some research and finding that some people have had bad luck with their oil lines "popping-off" from the carbs, i decided to do some good old fashioned preventative maintenance and come up with my own solution so that i dont end up with a seized piston. i figured a couple of small hose clamps from the hardware store would do the job. what do you guys think??

    i was able to do this with only having to take the main part of the exhaust out. its a tight fit with your hands in there but it can be done. i used a 1/4"-drive socket wrench with a long socket to reach the clamp on the forward-most oil line. after i clamped each line i tried to pull it off to make sure they were steadfast, which they were...they didnt budge. im sure some of you have done something similar to this but i just wanted to share. all in all it took about 20 mins after getting the exhaust out. enjoy!
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    haha you always have a smart ass reply dont you lol

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    Just having fun, but I also try to give good advice too. Seriously, there's nothing good about oil injection. Have you considered going premix?

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    The guys I knew who insisted on keeping the oil injection went with oetiker clamps. There are a few threads around here on them.

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    Oitiker part # 25 pack ..16700001 is the 1/4" clamp for the oil/accelerator pump lines
    ". " 16700006 is the main fuel line 3/8".( McMaster-Carr supply co )
    O.E. Tygon 4040a fuel & oil line 1/8 id 1/4 od 10 feet did everything
    ". " 1/4 id 3/8 od 15 feet all feed lines (ebay)

    You know those pos set of pliers you already have ?drill a 7/16 hole near the end ,tool is done .
    Keeping the oil injection .
    subject 2 sbt sells power valve safety clips for 20.00 ea that kick wave eater clip ass!

    2001 gp1200r

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    The best thing to use to secure SMALL oil lines etc. We always use Stainless Steel Safety Wire. You can get it in various sizes for your specific application. It's ez to use, it's much much safer than any clamp etc etc. You simply wrap around your oil line where it attached to nipple, etc. be sure and go around several wraps, twists to secure tightly and cut excess. This is the way it's done in aviation to secure and safety anything you don't want to come loose. so it works also for this application as well, hope this helps.
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    Any downfalls to premixing fuel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoott View Post
    Any downfalls to premixing fuel?

    only when you forget. Or don't know the requirements of the machine you are trying to covert.

    search the forum. there are a number of opinions on this topic.

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    Lots of people convert to premix, pro's; eliminating any failure of the injection taking out the engine. I would have kept premix if I had a race ski only...Con's; excessive oil consumption, have to carry oil with you for fillups, some one adding gas to your ski and not putting any or the correct ratio of oil in it (which is only correct at WOT). Oil itself kill the octane rating of gasoline . (Got two premix skis donated to me just last year for no oil added)..I reinstalled injection on both skis after rebuilding the engines. Just ensure line are still flexable, use Oitiker clamps, (yea, .032 ss safety wire should work, but in my 34 years as a jet aviation mechanic, never seen it, and QA would never approve it) Mikuni oil pumps failure rate has got to be less then 1 percent, my 96 Polaris is still running an Untouched system. Yamaha just used cheap clear lines..
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