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    hull seal flange problem

    Have a tigershark monte carlo that I just acquired. There is a problem, as always.. but this time its a little trickyer than normal. The flange on the hull that the bearing hose clamps to is broken off completely. I was thinking I could take a peice of PVC pipe and find one that would fit inside the orifice fairly snug and glue it in there, leaving some for the hose clamp to bite onto. After a bit of investigation it appears it was sheared off due to the bearing overheating, and binding up. Has anyone ever had this problem before, and what did you do to fix it? thinking if I go with a PVC pipe I might be able to get access to a lathe and machine down one end to make it real tight. oh, and one more question.. what type of adhesive should be used if I go ahead with the PVC? PVC cement?

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    That would be a good solution or maybe the one used to replace SD's will fit also? You could use some Permatex "The Right Stuff" to seal the pipe in place.

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