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    Xl 800 wave eater clips

    I recently purchased 01 xl 800 with 41 hours.After reading so much about powervalve problems, I decided to remove exhaust and check if wave eater clips were installed. All I found was sludge. Is this normal? Should this be cleaned out? If so with what? Clips ordered. Exhaust gasket looks fine. Should I replace anyway? I'm a long 20 year auto mechanic new to waverunners. Any input appreciated.

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    The sludge is from the unburned oil you are using...probably yamalube. You should get those valves out & thoroughly clean them. Good luck getting them out!

    Once out, clean out the entire valve area & reassemble everything. Try not to drop debris in the cylinders.

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    Yes, yamalube. Think I'll clean best I can for now. Pulling motor in fall anyway, to freshen up and put in another hull.also going pre mix. Thanks for the input.

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