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    Crazy sponson blade idea...

    So as I was driving home, I saw a set of old skis sitting in someone's trash. I did not think anything of it, but about a minute later I thought "hey, those would be a nice replacement for the plastic blades on my Riva sponsons."

    Long story short, I turned around and threw them in the car.

    Before I get to fabricating, anyone able to think of any downside to using what appears to be a fiberglass and/or composite material that is bonded to aluminum to make the blade out of? It is around the same thickness as the riva blades. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    if memory serves me right it violates an ijaba run to run metal blades on your sponsons.

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    I saw plenty of aluminum blades at the WF's last year.

    I use CF ones.

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