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    Angry polaris sl750 front cyclinder overheating??

    ski runs great, but front cyclinder runs hot 180 ant the other 2 at 120, runs maybe 3min on hose, i was thinking maybe exhaust port clogged??, any help, thanks

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    Normal for being on the hose while using the backflush fitting.

    Disconnect the 3/4" hose from the jet pump inside the hull. Hokk the hose into that and see what happens. It should be normal.

    CAUTION: ALWAYS turn engine on, water on, water off, engine off in that order!!!!!!

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    I think you have already found the Service manuals link.

    Reverse flushing on the garden hose does not provide proper engine cooling. It is only meant for back flushing sand and stuff out of the cooling system, not for actually cooling the engine the same as running in the water.

    If you need to run the engine with proper cooling on the trailer, you must disconnect the cooling water inlet hose from the jet pump base, and connect a 3/4" hose barb fitting for your garden hose.

    I will also mention that it is very important to follow this sequence;
    Engine start, then water on
    Water off, then engine off

    This is important to keep water from building up in the exhaust and getting into the engine, which is bad.

    You can safely run the engine for about 10-15 seconds without the water flowing.

    After the water is shut off, I normally burp the throttle a couple of times to push any excess water out of the exhaust and water box, then shut the engine off.
    Also do this after you pull it out of the water on the trailer, while the engine is still warm. The less water sloshing around in the exhaust system, the better.

    Next item - the through-hull and jet pump seals and bearings are designed to be cooled by the water you are riding in. In the trailer, these things are not being cooled at all. Maximum two minutes run time on the hose to avoid seal damage.

    Always make sure the through-hull bearing has been properly greased with good quality marine waterproof lithium grease before running the engine out of the water. The extra grease helps keep the seals cool.

    I add a bit of grease after every few hours of riding. Salt water riding means adding grease after every ride.

    If you must run the engine for longer, first remove the jet pump and drive shaft.

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    i will give that a try, or i might drop it in water and check it, thank you

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