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    Best quality trailer light harness wiring?

    Is there any top of the line trailer harness wiring out there?

    I bought a new Shoreland'r double pwc trailer in Feb 2007. Now
    just two years later the lights (which I had switched out to LED) started
    acting up. It turns out the wires are corroding, turning black increasing
    resistance. Ridiculous at this age!

    You can buy the 4 wire, flat plug, wire set anywhere cheap. I was wondering if there is a premium aircraft quality out there??

    I'm thinking of just getting good wire and make my own harness and run it in some conduit (or not) on inside surface of frame. My wiring runs in the frame now. The problem is that the side maker connections are inside, so it will not be a simple pull through for new harness. I'm thinking that with it out there visible I can debug very quickly in the future. I plan on keeping this trailer 20+ years........

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    In all the years I've been trailering in salt water, I found the only way to keep lights working is too solder all joints. Heat shrink all connections and then liquid tape the ends of the heat shrink. There is no majic acft wire or harness. Get rid of all plug in connections for side marker lights, anywhere where water can get in, eliminate those connections or connect the way I said. I also run my wire on the outside of the frame so they get rinsed all the time. Good luck.

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    I think external wires dry out quicker than internal ones, my double is made out of channell iron and the wires are like 10 years old and never a problem. If it is a continuing problem you may need to run the wires inside a rubber hose with lots of silicone.

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    yeah, external it is!

    You guys are right on running them on outside of frame. It is a little
    neater on inside, but I think that's just causing problems. I had butt
    spliced the connectors and heat shrinked them. However it seems
    before I did that the corrosion started.

    Not a big deal, but having them out in open you can see exactly what
    is going on. And the point about being able to shoot fresh water on them
    and having them dry out is even better.

    I wish all life's problems were as easy as this one to fix!

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    I also switched all my lighting to LED, at that time I soldered all my wire joints and heat shrunk them, if you keep everything sealed up good it will make it very difficult for corrosion to set in.

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