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    SPX is initially hard to start. Suggestions?

    1998 SPX with recent top end rebuilt. I have to use a squirt of starter fluid in the cylinder heads to get it to crank up after sitting for a day or longer. After that… it starts and runs fine. As long as the engine is slightly warmed up it starts on the first bump of the starter. 150 psi each cylinder. Fuel lines, carbs and carb filters are very clean. I also use a fuel to carb primer bulb. Plugs are new. Spark is good. What else causes a hard initial start?

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    Did you pull the fuel pump apart and make sure the mica check valves weren't cracked? Also the rubber grommet that holds them in place can pop out. If one of the two fails, it pumps at half capacity. Make sure your pulse line is in good condition and clamped tightly too.

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