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    fizzle IC question

    im emailing my dealer back and forth figuring out how we want to setup my 05 rxp. I told him i wanted the fizzle xs ic, and he told me that was fine except it says it just comes with a mounting brace and not the actual bracket. So do i need the speedfreaks bracket also then? He also is trying to talk me into a riva gen 2 ic. I dont really wanna use that one i dont think.

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    no - the fizzle kit is complete.

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    Brace is meant as the same thing as bracket in this case. The difference is one holds the IC from the side and one goes underneath the IC. They both hold up extremely well.

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    thank you. my thrown together kit should be installed by early june when i get back from Iraq to ride it. what kinda speed should i expect

    2005 rxp with 20 hrs.

    X charger
    Fizzle IC Kit
    riva rear air intake
    riva rear exhaust
    rotax racing 131 thermostat
    rude rrfpr
    42 injectors
    water strainer for ic
    solas 15/20r
    riva intake grate
    opas block off kit
    rideplate holes filled
    reverse bucket removed

    im hoping for 77 am i way off base thinking i could get that?

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    If everything is setup correctly and your rpms are around 8100ish, 77mph should be easy ... you might get to 78 mph with the X charger actually. You may have to add a mm or two to the trailing edge of your 15/20 if your rpms are too high, but run it first to see what your rpms are.

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    Hey AXL86 shoot me a PM with what part of the country your in ( with in OPSEC )

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    AXL86 im from kuwait if u ever come to kuwait and ur interested in riding ski`s or want someone to go out with and know the country send me a PM and i have a stage 3+ rxp that runs 85 mph and a GPRXP that runs 89+ mph

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    Hey, AXL86 - thanks for all you do in Iraq. Get back safe and sound. Have fun riding your ski - you deserve it... Ron

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Of_Fun View Post
    Hey, AXL86 - thanks for all you do in Iraq. Get back safe and sound. Have fun riding your ski - you deserve it... Ron

    thanks for the kind words. 9 more days now.

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    whats up ding dong?

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