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    Compression (dont use chinese tools)

    I finally got an accurate compression tester off one of my mechanic friends. Hes got a snap on tester (not chinese)and I know its accurate because we tested it on another wave runner. Anyway this is what I got 105, 115,115. Is the 10 psi difference on the first cylinder something I should worry about or should I just ride it? Thanks for all your other advice before

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    Yes its something however with that smaller difference,its probably just stuck rings,or it has soft seized at one time,not enough to damage rings completely,or maybe its not getting enough oil,or it has been rebuilt and perhaps the other two cylinders have been overbored.dry putting a couple drops of oil (not too much )just enough to coat cylinder,then spin it over with plugs out and then try compression again,if it is stuck rings or soft seized it will come up a little,if its head gasket it will stay same.I'd say run the heck out of it a few days,perhaps using 70 to 1 premix besides using oil pump and check it again>Marvin

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    different pistons and different bore

    I removed the head to inspect my cylinders and the 1st cylinder is slightly scored, more so at the bottom of the stroke. The rear 2 look and feel nice and smooth. All of the tops of the pistons are different colors black and silver like a leoperd. I also noticed that the first cylinder has a 1.5 over bore and is a different piston then the rear 2 piston. The rear 2 are 1 over, kawasaki, while the front is a wiesco. I guess someone did a cheap rebuild. Should I be seriously concerned?
    Like I said, it does starts right up and runs pretty good. Even in the water test last weekend with a old head gasket I reused after the inspection. Those compression numbers came up after I reused the head gasket too. I will be getting a new head and carberator gaskets.
    I apreciate the responces mrjetskey. I think I am gonna take your advice and run the shit out of it. My buddy said the same thing. Oh yeah, why should I run it at 70:1? I thought you are supposed to be around 50:1. Any more advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offroadinjersey View Post
    Oh yeah, why should I run it at 70:1? I thought you are supposed to be around 50:1. Any more advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated.
    He suggested running 70:1 pre-mix in addition to using the oil injection.

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