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    i am going internal and i need a some info

    ok got the engine pulled apart after the supercharger gear exploding , everything looks good cant see any damage from the gear,getting my head port and polished ive all ready got seadoo center retainers and valves , what else do i need to make this thing bullet proof , an sugestions would be great guys

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    Have you looked at the oil pumps and timing chain? The pumps could be gouged and the timing chain could be nicked so as to fail in a few hours. What about the flywheel - are the teeth all intact?... Ron

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    I wouldn't forget ARP Head bolts, particularly if you just removed the head to get it ported and polished. You won't be able to use the stock stretch bolts again and since you're going to have to buy new head bolts anyways to reassembly you might as well splurge the additional $'s for the ARP's which are stronger and can be reused if you ever have to pull the head again. IMHO.

    You may also want to look at a Rotax Racing Oil Jet - simple little part that replaces stock jet and increases oil flow. Inexpensive too! I believe Jerry posted a How-To recently on this issue.

    I would also replace the head gasket. I'm sure you're already doing this but it doesn't hurt as a reminder. My gasket def needed changing after 80 hrs.

    I hope this helps. I'm no expert like several of the forum members, however I just went through a very similar process as you and feel very comfrotable with the work and mods i made. Let me know if i can help any further.


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    timing chain is getting removed installing a new one a piece from the sc gear was wedged in between the timing chain and the block and doesnt sit right , all new head gaskets and maybe even a new oil pump , and the arp head bolts sound good , anyone reckon i should do anything to the psitons or leave them stock


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    and anyone know where i can get a custom intake manifold from

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    Also cheap insurance..Replace the rod bolts too..I have heard of a few motors now that have broke rod bolts causeing catistrofic engine failure..ARP also sells them if your interested..

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    It all depends on what your "mod" threshold is. What is your end goal for your ski? How much performance are you looking for? IMHO, the only reason i would change the piston heads was if i was adding lightweight oversized valves, which the piston heads need to be changed/machined to accomodate the larger diameter of the valve. Otherwise, many of the forum members are getting amazing performance results using stock pistons.

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    You can do this work on your engine head, this work reduces the engine pressure ( not oil pressure) this means less oil on your can or even no more oil on it, because the engine head breathes better. the top of work is also make this work on your engine case, maybe seems crazy work but i´ve done this work since 2004 on my RXP and never had oil on my can, and this helps the engine rev fast and better torque.
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    Cool engine

    new head gasket
    new timing chain
    new rocker bolts
    block gard
    new rod bolts
    new bearings rod and main
    3 angle valve cut
    and if your block is 04-05 drill a hole on the bottom of the case next to balance shaft jernal at the front of the block( reduce crank case pressure)
    ohh and you can buy a les cook (seadoo centre intake manifold) i picked up 200rpm and alot more responsive

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    also get the RE oiler for $30. worth it.

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