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    WTB Gas strut for 2000 Virage Hood

    Has anyone got a gas strut in good working order for a 2000 Virage 1200 SLX?
    I'm in the UK so would need someone who doesn't mind shipping over here.

    Can anyone help?

    Mine seized closed & has snapped the bolt through fittings on the hood. Any suggestions on the best way to fix this?


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    I just ordered a new hood gas strut for my 2000 Virage TX from my Polaris dealer so you can still order them...cost is $48 US dollars. If you can find a dealer who will ship there then you are in business. As for the hood fittings I have no idea what you could do to fix it well enough...might have to buy a used hood from somewhere.

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    If you still need a shock (seems this thread is a few years old), this may be of interest to you. I actually just posted this elsewhere, but I ended up using McMaster-Carr and bought a plain steel shock the other day and it is a perfect fit on my 2002 Freedom! I even used the original ball cups from the original gas shock. The new shock was about 0.2" longer than the original, causing it to stop at just the same point as the small wire retainer. Anyway, here is a link to the shock I purchased: It is part # 9416K143 and cost $11.61 with less than $5 shipping. They also have the same thing in SS (part # 4175T106) for just under $50. It appears that the SS is currently out of stock but they say it can ship in 2 weeks. I'm not positive if they ship to the UK, but figured you could give it a shot. Hope this helps.

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