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    Modding an old pwc trailer to make things easier

    Ok so I have a few ideas on what to do but I'm looking for some more options.

    I want to be able to get the ski on the trailer in lower water condition easier, and attach to the to trailer easier in the front.


    Winch was my first idea, problem is if you see the front of the trailer there is no winch mast like the newer trailers. So I could mount a winch on the square tubing that hold the bow stop, sure but what hold the bow back? I could get a bow roller but they all seem to come in 3" sizes?


    To get it on the bunks easier I was thinking of adding two rollers with a custom bracket on both bunks. Or a keel roller in the middle of both bunks again it would have to be a custom roller because the bunks hang over the rear of the trailer. Also make up some brackets to angle the bunks to match the hull. Not sure how I'm going to do that on the front but the rear should be ok.

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    Bolt a winch to the upright and keep that bow stop.

    Not sure why you want to do those things to the bunks?

    How about a flip of the axle? Spring-over flip would lower it and make it easier in shallow water to launch. I do this to all my trailers. Looks like you have plenty of fender room, so why not give it a try.

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    Whatever you do, make sure the bow of the ski is not only held forward, but also held down. In a sudden stop on the road, you need to bow to stay in place on the trailer, and not slide forward like this.

    I notice you have the bunk boards on edge. This means the boards won't flex and conform to the curve of the hull, and it concentrates the forces along a smaller surface where the hull meets the board edge.

    When you are trailering, the trailer will bounce the ski up and down (even when strapped front and rear), and the hull pressure on the bunk boards can be much more than just the static weight of the hull.

    If you can reposition the axle to above the leaf springs, that will lower the trailer frame, making it easier to load the trailer in shallow water.

    You could consider installing bunk rollers.

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    Definatly lay those bunks down flat..for many reasons..but it has potential for sure of hull damage when loading and unloading and large bumps while in tow. The wench can mount anywhere (depending on what wench you buy) as long as the strap is below the bow stop to keep the ski held down onto the trailer. I would also flip the axel for lower clearence. Basically I agree with what everyone has It is really a problem with it being to high you can always extend the front of the trailer so you can get in deeper.

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    Great replies guys, thanks was thinking the same.

    I'm going to keep the bunks and just take them off the angle forsure. I'll look into swaping the springs around too. Just have to get the ski off for a day.

    I have an idea, because I have access to alum angle and box tubing I'm going to use 3x3 angle for the bunks to mount them on an angle matching the hull, the problem would be the front bunk so I might need to make another bracket up.

    The winch mast I could use some 2x2 box tubing but its only 1/8 thick but I can reinforce it with some 1/4 flatbar. OR I can use some channel as long as inner width will match my 2x3 box tubing on my trailer.

    OK I have my shopping list, thanks guys. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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