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    Question RXDI Fuel Injection problems. HELP!!!

    Just completely rebuilt my 02 and theres a prob with the fuel system. The seadoo will start if you spray carb cleaner in the intake, but dies imediately after. it is getting good pressure to the fuel distributor, but it is not spraying out of the injectors? I checked with a meter and it is getting power to the electrical plugs that connect to the injectors and the air injectors under them as well. So, I disassembled the injectors and regulators they were extreamly stopped up. I cleaned them the best I could, but it still wont turn over... My local dealer is telling me its $700 for new injectors??? Does anyone know a company I can send mine off to get cleaned, and further more, does anyone know the cheapest company online to purchase injectors if it comes to that? Thanks for reading, please reply if u can help.

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    I know the Mustang/Camaro/Firebird guys used to soak dirty injectors in Seafoam.

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    Remove plug caps and ground them, unbolt the injection block and pull it off the air injectors then lift it up a little, now remove the air injectors from the head, leave them connected.
    now press the start button and observe fuel squirting from the injector block, and check to see if the air injectors are opening too, you can feel that also

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