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    Question polaris timing

    Help, Crazy A, hope you see this! I bought a virage non running, story was it needed a new stator, got a new stator, didn't run right, was taken back to the polaris shop, heads were pulled, and the diagnosis was cylinders rusted from setting up to long. I bought the ski with the heads off the motor, took the motor out, put in a new shortblock, transferred the new stator ( it at least looked new from the wires), flywheel and accessories from the old motor to the new shortblock. After putting the new motor back in the ski I checked the timing. Cranking with the starter timing was 6 to 7 degrees btdc. Running at 3000 rpm 21 degrees btdc. Horay, I thought everything was perfect, but when I blipped the throttle to higher rpm the timing retarded back to 6 or 7 degrees btdc instead of advancing???? Any ideas???????? Help would be appreciated. Dockeffer

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    the timing retards not advances after 3000 rpm

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