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Thread: 1984 JS440's

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    1984 JS440's

    We had 2 JS440's from 1984 to 1995. During that time, we rode the p1ss out of them. We then sold them to a friend of ours that rode the pi$$ out of them for the next 5 years and then we lost track of them.

    My question is, what what was the HP and Top Speed of the JS440's?
    We just bought a RXT IS and it still has "some" of the JS feeling, but it is "duh" a whole lot faster.

    I think I am trying to relive my youth...... or beat the crap of myself trying..

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    Under powered and slow

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    About 32 mph stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Ride Naked View Post
    Under powered and slow

    Did you realize that that was over 20 yrs ago? And that was top speed and technology back then!

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