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    How do you protect your PWC from docks and walls ?

    How do you protect your PWC from docks and walls ?

    I'm not talking about your home port . . . I'm talking about foreign docks or locations where you might not know what to expect.

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    Dont park anywhere, problem solved

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    i have little fenders that hook onto the rub rail and then have a strap which you hook onto the handlebars and the rear grab handle. They work pretty well but if you dock up anywhere you need to expect to see some scratches and stuff appear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowStang305 View Post
    Dont park anywhere, problem solved
    +1, If it looks like it will do damage to your ski, it will

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    Try a product called anchor buddy you get close to where you want to dock or when you want to get on some ones boat you stop away from them or the dock drop anchor and the anchor buddy is like a Bungee cord you pull yourself to the dock or boat get off and the PWC springs back to where you anchor you just keep a line from the front to where you are so you can pull it back when you want to leave and that keeps you off docks and walls works great in rough water big lakes

    try it B.D

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