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    Adjusting for WOT and correct idle

    I might have to make a slight adjustment to the P-X since I switched grips, and have already made an adjustment to the RXP.

    I made the adjustment at the throttle body... will this effect any TPS or other sensors?? I am guessing it will effect idle???

    What should the skis idle at on the hose and is the idle adjustment made at the throttle body??

    My main question is in lining up the idle and WOT is there any electronics I have to worry about like with the TPS on the 951s?? I've really only done this with non TPS 2 strokes....

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    Follow these instrutions and you will have no problems....Adjusting your throttle like in the link will not have any affect on your TPS...

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    Of course on the rxp I did it the wrong way... I adjusted using the two nuts. Is the ski all out of whack now??

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