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    X4 steering problem: hard to handle....

    Just getting used to the X4!
    I have a '97 SPX 800.
    Been out four times and have made a few adjustments, but it is very hard to handle.
    The ski will not go in a straight line.
    It pulls to the right.
    I have to steer it to the left to go straight.
    This makes the ski list to the left as if I am makeing a left turn.
    I have centered the nozzle and handle bars to the body by adjusting the cable.
    ( I am going to double check this. )
    Wide open, it is very hard to handle.
    The ski will track slightly to the right when you let it keep its own line, handle bars stay straight.
    Holding the handle bars straight it tracks to the right.
    I have to "fight it" to the left to run straight at throttle.
    I know this can't be right.
    What can I look at to correct this problem?
    There is a dime size chip in the gel coat on the right side that I have not had a chance to repair, but I can't see this having enough drag to make it track like it does.
    Any suggestions??????

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    check ride shoe and grate

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    Thats kinda how these ol' machines ride. the "pull" that your experiencing is from the motor torquing to the right. if you are fighting it a lot you may have a problem. but there will be some resistance just enought for you to notice. I assume that you are riding on glass? Thats the only time that I notice it on mine.

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    the ski should not pull to the right from the motor torquing. try adjusting the steering cable length (make it longer) where it bolts to the steering nozzle. you've mentioned you did this, but you might need to adjust it more. my ski does not pull to the right.

    you might want to check the ride shoe and grate as mentioned, but also check your trim tabs. there is supposed to be a bead of silicone on the leading edge between the tab and the hull. if it is not there water will be forced under the tab and cause the ski to pull to one side.

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    You don't adjust the steering nozzle by looks, you adjust it to not pull in either direction when the handlebars are level, when riding it.

    Adjust as JayZ said and it will ride straight and true.

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    this might be a stretch...but could one of your sponsons be cracked or something? I dunno if that could cause anything, but maybe?

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