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Thread: Oil pump ok?

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    Oil pump ok?

    I'm new .. don't abuse me! How do I know if my oil pump system is working fine? How many people go away from factory set up and go to premix? What is best procedure for going to premix? Why not tie off float on oil reservoir?

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    There have been many threads discussing the merits of removing vs. keeping the oil injection system.

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    Welcome invetteve,We don't pick on NEW people.
    Removing the oil pump is sometimes a matter of preference/peace of mind.
    I personally agree with K447,I have oil pumps on my craft. But then again I'm a mechanic and always looking for something to rebuild.I haven't had 1 fail yet.

    And IF you do remove the pump and tank....and have a MFD you will need to do something about the warning indicator (zip tie the sender or use a resister)

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    I removed my oil pump just for peace of mind. These skis are 19 years old and the tubing is brittle and falling apart. My oil lines split and fel off and made a mess in the hull. Pre-mix works well. 16 oz of oil to 5 gal gas.

    Oil Pump Removal

    Removing the oil pump is do-able but…. Extremely! , Extremely ! ….difficult, as you have to use a combination of mirrors to see. Be aware the Allen head bolts that hold the pump in place are Metric. Drain the tank before you remove the oil lines.

    I first tried to seal the Block-Off Plate using an O-ring, but discovered that just would not work.( Couldn’t get hands in there). I finally used thin gasket material (made a gasket) coating all sides with RTV, which sealed OK.

    I also wired in, a 33-35 ohm resistor in the oil indicator line to fool the MFD. ( I don’t know if the engine would start if the oil tank was empty or not since my MFD does not work)

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    it's a tight fit in there just changing oil lines seemed enough for me.. Cya Slick

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    Testing pump

    I have done this in the past on new rebuilds. There is a metal rod that connects to the carb linkage then down to the oil pump. If you disconnect one end, you can hold the oil pump wide open (like where it would be at wide open throttle). The machine will probably smoke alot, you should see oil flow. you can do this at idle. one more idea a little riskier, try do the same as above but disconnect an oil line from one of the carbs, oil should flow out. The pumps are pretty simple and seldom fail. Biggest problem is something happening to the lines. Oh side note, If you do take pump out you need a blockoff plate where the pump went.

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